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About Our Shop

Briar Rose Enchanted

Everything in our shop is completely handmade at our in home studio. We create everything to order so you have the opportunity to create things exactly how you envision them! Most of our designs offer many possibilities to let your creativity flow. 

--We ship at no additional cost within  the United States.

-- Want to know when your order is shipping, you do not need to contact us, All you need to do is head over to our Instagram page, read our main page bio and refer to the FAQ highlight and your question can be easily answered. We do not honor ANY cancellations on orders under any circumstances. We do not believe any ones order is more important than another. We do orders in the order they are placed. If your order is needed by a specific date, you will need to message us PRIOR to placing your order.  We will also NEVER promise a delivery date.  

--Currently due to our increased amount of orders. The only way to get a design on a new item that is not currently listed on the website is to snag it while  it is offered for preorder in our Instagram stories. 

****Materials for orders are placed everyday at the end of the day. No changes shall be made to orders once I have placed the order for the materials. And no materials will be ordered until the invoice or order has been officially placed.

****Custom Designs or items must be paid within 24 hours of the invoice sent over or your order will be cancelled.

****No returns or refunds will be accepted due to the custom nature of the items we offer. If you need an item by a certain date please message me prior to placing the order to be sure i can meet your request. I will not issue a refund due to turn around times. When you place your order you are also agreeing to the time it will take me to complete your order. If you receive your order and have an issue with the item, you must contact us within 48 hours of receiving your package. If you contact us outside of that time window, we have the right to not resolve the issue due to the length of time from the customer receiving the item and wearing, washing or anything else that could potentially damage the item.Thank you for understanding and shopping with us.

**** Once a package is dropped off, it is out of our hands, that includes but is not limited to things like locating a package or getting tracking updates. We do not have any special ways of getting any more information outside of what you can also get with the tracking number provided. Unless a package is sent back to us for one reason or another we will call or be in contact with the post office. Please use the tracking number you are given when your package ships to gather any information you may need on your package or missing package. 

****Shipping overages will be covered by the customer. Sometimes the website does not have weights and zip code charges correct and unfortunately does not calculate the correct shipping.If there is a shipping overage due at the time of delivery, the customer will be responsible for that charge.

***Briar Rose Enchanted is NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages. Once a package has been marked delivered there is nothing we will or can do. We will NOT issue refunds/ send out replacements for items marked delivered. Customers are responsible for reaching out to the post office is there are any issues. 

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